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Advanced Waste Services

"AWS helped us identify and dispose of a wide range of regulated and non-regulated waste materials—efforts that were vital to our commitment to being an environmentally responsible organization."

Angela B.
Executive Director

Not-for-Profit Agency

Advanced Waste Services Menomonee Falls

A State-of-the-Art Waste Treatment Facility

Advanced Waste Services – an environmental services firm that specializes in effective waste collection, treatment and disposal – is pleased to be relocating its Milwaukee operations to Menomonee Falls.

At Advanced Waste Services, we see industrial waste as an opportunity – to make a positive impact on the environment, to operate more sustainably and to leave the earth cleaner than we found it. We’re honored to be an award-winning company that has been recognized for innovative solutions, entrepreneurial spirit and positive environmental stewardship.

Ours is a highly regulated industry, and AWS is proud to work with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to maintain consistent standards of excellence.

Our goal, first and foremost, is to make a positive contribution to our new community. We’re committed to being a responsive neighbor and take our obligation to health, safety and environmental stewardship very seriously.

Tour Our Facility

Any Menomonee Falls resident interested in learning more is invited to tour our Milwaukee treatment facility. Please call 414-847-7100.

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About Our New Facility:

Our Lilly Road facility sits on a 21-acre parcel of land in an industrial park zoned for I-2 Heavy Industrial usage.

Our water treatment and recycling process cleans more than 18 million gallons of wastewater a year, removing thousands of tons of pollutants that might otherwise make their way into lakes, streams and rivers throughout our state. Our treatment process is supported with experienced laboratory personnel and sophisticated analytical equipment.

Our new facility will be served by an enclosed, underground sanitary sewer system – completely separate from any storm drain systems – which is an ideal setup for the nature of our business, since it keeps odors in an enclosed system.

The clean, treated water from our process will flow from our plant to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District in an underground, enclosed sanitary sewer, similar to the wastewater from homes and businesses. It will not produce an odor of any kind.

Additionally, we’ve invested significantly in our new location to prepare it for use. We’re proactively adding air filtration systems and incorporating the latest, cutting-edge treatment technologies. Our goal is to ensure that we project a professional image consistent with the warmth of the Menomonee Falls community.

What People Want to Know:

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The waste we treat is not toxic, hazardous or harmful to the environment in any way

Our operation is not harmful to the environment

We serve a broad industrial base

Operating in a highly regulated industry, we partner with others to ensure high standards of quality, safety and compliance

Our facility will be odor-free

Our commitment is to be a good neighbor and make a positive contribution to the community

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How Our Process Works

AWS treats wastewaters produced during the manufacturing of things we use every day. Learn more about our process by clicking here.