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“The reclamation and subsequent total clean-out work accomplished by AWS was, quite simply, amazing.”

Manufacturing Client

Liability and Risk Protection Solutions

Eliminating your wastes, maximizing sustainability and minimizing your risks: this is the trio of benefits at the heart of Advanced Waste Services as your business partner.

AWS protects our clients with $5 million of pollution and liability insurance on every load.

Along with getting your waste removal job done right, AWS provides a complete package of liability and risk protection programs to shield your business. It’s a level of confidence in a successful outcome that you’ll find only with AWS. We guarantee it.

AWS provides clients with $5 million of pollution coverage for select third-party disposal sites we utilize.

Contingency Matters™ Spill Planning

The biggest risk for any business is not what might happen, but the failure to plan for that big if. Let AWS apply our expertise and experience to quickly and efficiently construct a Contingency Matters™ Plan to meet your spill planning needs and legal requirements.

  • Create a custom plan via our secure web link
  • Satisfy your planning and legal requirements
  • Get your Contingency Matters™ Plan absolutely free!

What is a Contingency Plan and Why Do I Need One?

Insurance Protection Payoff™

A significant benefit for clients contracting with AWS. Additionally insured language is meaningless and unenforceable absent a written contract or written agreement. If that level of protection is important to you — and it should be — make sure your certificate is binding by entering into a Service Agreement today. Our risk control and operations delivery is second to none; our exposure does not need to be your exposure.

Spill Insurance Protection™

Did you know that standard General Liability Policies specifically exclude all pollution events? This is one more way working with AWS is far beyond standard. We take spill and pollution risks more seriously than our competitors, adding to our Indemnity Protection™ with a $5 million Spill Insurance Protection™ package that guards you against:

  • Sudden and accidental spills
  • Spills occurring during transportation activities
  • Spills relating to treatment and storage activities

Emergency Spill Response Program

Unlike any other spill response service, AWS’s Emergency Spill Response Program responds to waste, product and fuel spills anywhere in the United States. Who needs an Emergency Spill Response Plan? – The Requirements, the Risks, the Solutions.

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • State- and federally mandated spill response communication, notification and reporting
  • Use of our 800 number on all of your shipping papers
  • Emergency response management and clean-up
  • Convenient, comprehensive and Affordable Planning, Preparation & Response

Emergency Spill Response Agreementt

“I am very happy to report that our incidents were handled both professionally and within compliance. You've been able to quickly respond from a hazardous materials standpoint. In addition, your quick efforts have extended to the process by which to amend generator status; with regulations and efficiency in mind. Equally important, your team was worked quickly to remove the waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous, from our very important customer accounts.”

  • Matt B.
  • EHS Manager, North America
  • Global Chemical Manufacturing Client

Preparing for a Spill — What You Need to Know

Spills of hazardous materials, diesel fuel and other regulated substances are subject to a maze of environmental regulations. Nearly 30,000 federal, state and local jurisdictions across the US require incident reports from spill generators.

The time to prepare for an environmental release is before it happens. That involves creating a spill contingency plan with detailed instructions for handling spills quickly and complying with all regulations associated with those incidents. Fuel spills and other accidental releases or regulated materials, even in small quantities, can turn into expensive incidents for the spill generator who is not adequately prepared to deal with them.

Learn more about why:

  • Insurance companies do not pay fines and penalties arising from failure to report spills or late reporting.
  • Any diesel fuel spill, even a minor one, requires fast action to avoid environmental damage.
  • The average diesel fuel spill release is just over 100 gallons and the fees and clean-up can top $15,000.
  • Emergency crews and fire departments can charge exorbitant fees for their time and equipment unless the response is quickly and professionally managed.
  • By law, your company as the spill generator, is responsible to pay:
    • All damages and costs related to environmental impairment and waste disposal.
    • Property damage and bodily injury arising from the spill.
    • Fines and penalties for failing to comply with reporting regulations.

To read the entire White Paper, click here.

Truck Safe Protection™

Through our coordinated Truck Safe Protection™ program, AWS is embracing CSA 2010, a new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) safety directive that will make our roads safer for motor carriers and the public alike.

  • Proper preventive maintenance and safety checks
  • Linking maintenance management, mechanics and drivers
  • Communicating, scheduling, correcting and documenting all maintenance and repairs
  • 24-Hour GPS tracking and electronic driver logs
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