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“The innovative thinking and commitment of the AWS team have saved us a substantial amount of money each month.”

Chuck L.
Operations Manager

Food Processing Client

Safety Solutions

Safety when dealing with industrial wastes is serious business. Nobody treats the challenge with more respect than Advanced Waste Services.

Our three-year average rate for most Key Safety Performance Indicators is more than 50% better than the industry average.

Turn to us for continuously trained personnel who leverage efficient processes and advanced technology to maximize both efficiency and safety. As a result, we not only keep you in compliance, but bring you the most comprehensive and environmentally responsible solutions that your business demands.

We annually invest more than $250,000 in employee training.

In the real world of limited time and resources, employee training sometimes takes a back seat to production and other customer priorities. This reality, however, may end up putting your employees and your business at risk of injury, fines or both. AWS helps clients fill the gap between the employee training they need to provide and their resources for doing so with our On-Line & Personalized Training Solutions.

Confined Space Training Advantage

For any business that must manage the challenge and risk of employees working in confined spaces, AWS offers a one-of-a-kind training module that provides real-life, hands-on experience. Be Prepared. Be Safe. Stay Alive.

Discover more about the AWS Confined Space Educator.

On-Line Training Solutions

AWS offers clients a convenient and affordable on-line training solution through our partnership with J.J. Keller Business Services. We can help you operate safely and reduce your company risk. AWS' Online Training Solution offers more than 180 courses covering the following areas:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Construction
  • Driver/DOT
  • HazMat
  • Human Resources
  • Laboratory Safety
  • Right-to-Know
For a complete list of our course offerings, click here.

Don't take a risk. Train your employees today.

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Many companies find they have a gap between the employee training they know they need to provide and their resources for doing so. That gap is a risk that AWS can fill.

Personalized Training Solutions

Our training professionals can work with you to establish and/or improve your company regulatory compliance, produce best practices for a safe work environment and reduce insurance costs and compensation claims.

From instructor-led web-based training to multi-day on-site assessments and training at your location, we provide you with the same training given to our own employees.

Don't take a risk. Train your employees today.

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Emergency Spill Response Protection™

Unlike any other spill response service, Emergency Spill Response Protection™ responds to waste and product spills anywhere in the United States.

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • State- and federally mandated spill response communication, notifications and reporting
  • Emergency response cleanup
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