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Advanced Waste Services

“The efforts AWS puts forth to ensure that we are provided with the best possible resources to meet the requirements of our clients are always impressive.”

John B.
Project Manager

Electrical Services Client

Technology Solutions

Your business is committed to continuous improvement, and you should expect the same from your industrial waste services partner.

AWS is technology and innovation driven. We’ve invested more than $2 million in Enterprise Software and we innovate to create what we can’t buy. Enterprise Software, GPS, electronic real-time data, patent-pending technology – we have it all.

Critical client information is available 24/7/365 via our secure web link.

When you work with Advanced Waste Services, you can count on us because we’re always refining processes, applying new technologies and developing new approaches to provide ever-greater value and produce ever-better results for you.

Client Access Direct

Through a secure site, AWS offers convenient, real-time data sharing to all our clients.

  • View payment documents
  • Print your Waste Certification Statement
  • Waste profile data shared across our facilities for optimal coordination
  • Prepare annual reports
  • Existing clients can log in here

Electronic Documents

No more waiting on the mail for your payment documents. With AWS E-Docs™, it’s all available in an instant via email.

  • Payment documents
  • Bills of lading
  • Manifests
  • Existing clients can log in here

Truck Track

The fleet efficiency of AWS is unmatched, thanks to our cutting-edge array of Truck Track onboard technologies.

  • Netbook computers for drivers to electronically record their daily activity
  • GPS units to reroute trucks due to unexpected delays
  • Real-time driver safety scoreboards such as speed and braking
  • Automated control of hours of service
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